Is Right Now a Good Time to Start a Voiceover Career?

by | May 30, 2024 | Become A Voice Actor, New to the Business

Is Right Now a Good Time to Start a Voiceover Career?

The world of voice acting is seemingly booming. With the rise of audiobooks, podcasts, e-learning modules, and the ever-expanding online ad market, the demand for skilled voiceover artists has never been higher when first exploring the industry. But if you’re considering a career shift and wondering if voiceover is the right move, you might have some questions. Is the competition too fierce? Are there enough jobs to go around? Will AI eventually take over the industry? Let’s jump into the current state of voiceover and see if my thoughts on it all can help guide you one way or the other.

Why Voiceover is Great

There are several key factors driving the growth of the voiceover industry:

  • The Digital Boom: The digital age has created a constant need for engaging audio content. From explainer videos to captivating narration, voice actors are the lifeblood of bringing these projects to life. What’s a YouTube video or TikTok without some voice over to guide the viewer on each and every journey? How would Home Depot, or any singular product for that matter, show you a video on how to use their product if they didn’t have voiceover to help explain?
  • Remote Work: The ability to work from a home studio is a major perk for voiceover artists. COVID and the year 2020 changed the voiceover industry once and for all. The actors that have tenure in the industry will speak longingly on going into the studios to do their auditions and to do ‘the work’. Now that COVID came along, everyone realized that it’s less expensive and less taxing on all parties involved to simply have broadcast-quality home studios. This flexibility allows for a wider talent pool and caters to a globalized market.
  • Demand for Diversity: Audiences crave authenticity and representation. The industry is actively seeking voices from all walks of life, opening doors for new talent.I would add that casting directors and companies are always looking for that ‘new voice’ or that new sound that will help differentiate them from the rest of the pack. That’s great news because it means there should always be a door open somewhere. Our job is finding that open door and kicking it in with vigor and our own, unique perspecitve in scripts.
  • Fee Information And Instruction: in this day and age, there are TONS of articles, blogs, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram reels just giving out free information. Much like this one. All you have to do it go find it. You have to be a student. Learn more about this by clicking HERE

Yes, But There’s Competition In Voiceover…

With a growing industry and growing interest comes a growing pool of voice actors. Here’s the reality: building a successful voiceover career requires dedication, drive, ambitiion, faith, confidence, consistency, persistence, patience, a talent for marketing, and hustle. While that’s a lot of descriptors I just laid on you, I could keep going on with things like professionalism, timeliness, likeability, etc… The point is that A LOT goes into separating the cream from the crop.

  • Honing Your Craft: A great voice is just the foundation. In some ways, everyone has a great voice, don’t they? Hey, if Gilbert Gottfried could have a voiceover career, then we all have hope. But to give oneself the best chance at success and financial reward, you’ll need top-notch acting skills, breath control, and the ability to deliver diverse reads. Look, anyone can read through a script. What they’re looking for is someone that is talented at reading it, interpreting it, and then bring a performance to the table that showcases their own unique perspective through the use of their tool, their voice.
  • Building a Strong Demo: Your demo reel is your calling card. Invest in professional recording equipment and coaching to create demos that showcase your range and versatility. For a deeper dive into costs that a voiceover beginner can reasonably expect, please read my blog on the matter by clicking HERE   You’re going to need to have a full understanding that getting into voice-over is more than just getting a microphone and talking. To do it right and give yourself a chance, you should be prepared to invest some money. If you’re extremely frugal and find some deals, you might can do this for $2,000-$2,500. Mroe reasonably, you’ll make a good entrance into the industry with around $5,000. Just plan on it. I will add that there is a noticeable trend that the more a person is willing or able to invest in equipment, classes, demos, and coaching, the faster their progress seems to be.
  • Marketing and Networking: Building your online presence, connecting with casting directors and producers, and actively seeking out projects are crucial steps in landing voiceover work. If you have an issue talking to people, marketing yoruself, or social media platforms, the voiceover industry is not your special skill because, for full-timers, half of your day is sessions and auditioning while the other half is marketing. If that’s not you, then voiceover is not for you, my friend.

The AI Question Mark For Voiceover

Unfortunately for voice actors, AI technology is making strides in voice generation. However, there’s a crucial distinction to be made. While AI can create synthetic voices, it currently lacks the nuance and emotional depth that human voice actors bring. For projects requiring a natural, engaging delivery, human talent will remain irreplaceable. at least for the foreseeable future. But, so that there are no misunderstanding or false optimism on the AI front, AI is good and is getting better every day. It already has and will continue to gobble up the business that beginners used to have the luxury of doing. Low-level eLearning, corporate narration, explainer videos, etc. All you need for proof of this is to watch YouTube or TikTok for more than a few minutes and you will hear AI narration everywhere. Those used to be for voiceover beginners. Those were the jobs where beginners could hone their chops and get their process down. Now, it seems the best ways to do this is to find your group in online Facebook groups and do weekly workouts with each other. It can be done. It’s just not as easy as it was before AI entered the picture.

Is Voiceover Right for You?

Here are some things to consider before diving in:

  • Passion for the Craft: Voiceover is an art form but it’s also work. It’s a job. Do you enjoy using your voice to tell stories and evoke emotions? Do you find marketing fun and exciting as you dangle the bait out there in the ocean waiting for a bite? Or do you find marketing a nightmare?
  • Discipline and Patience: Building a successful career takes time and consistent effort. Are you prepared to put in the hard work?
  • Business Acumen: As a freelancer, as mentioned several times here, you’ll be responsible for marketing yourself, managing finances, and negotiating contracts.

So, is now a good time to start a voiceover career?

Absolutely! At least for the right person. The industry is flourishing, and the barrier to entry is lower than ever. If you have the talent, the drive, and a passion for using your voice, there’s room on the highway on this exciting journey.

Additional Tips for Aspiring Voice Actors:

  • Free Resources: There are numerous online resources and tutorials available to help you hone your skills.
  • Invest in Training: Consider taking voice acting workshops or online courses from established professionals.
  • Join the Community: Online forums and communities connect you with other aspiring and working voice actors, offering invaluable support and networking opportunities.

Remember, the world of voiceover is constantly evolving. Stay curious, keep learning, and most importantly, find joy in the process of using your voice to captivate audiences.


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